ABOUT the Triratna Buddhist Community In Southampton

The Triratna Buddhist Community is a worldwide Buddhist spiritual community (Sangha) engaged in practising and communicating the teachings of the Buddha for all people interested in finding out more about this ancient wisdom and how to live it in the modern world.


It was founded in 1967 by the Ven. Sangharakshita, an Englishman who was ordained and lived as a Buddhist monk in India for 20 years. After returning to England in the mid sixties, he realised the need for a new Buddhist movement that would draw on the full range of Buddhist traditions. Sangharakshita has taught and written extensively, faithfully interpreting the Buddha's teachings in ways that can be practised by everyone.


The Triratna Buddhist Order consists of men and women who have committed themselves to living in accordance with the Buddha's teachings. Becoming a member of the Order requires training in all aspects of the Buddhist path and relies on a network of effective friendships.


The Triratna Community is well known for its emphasis on 'spiritual friendship', that is, friendship based on shared values and commitment to practising the Buddhist path, both individually and collectively.


The TEAM at the Southampton Buddhist Centre

I moved to Romsey five years ago after 25 years of learning, practising and teaching meditation and Buddhism at the London Buddhist Centre.


I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2003 and was Chair here at the Southampton centre from until May 2019.


I love helping to create an environment where people have the opportunity to make friendships based on shared values and learn ways of living their lives with more meaning and purpose.

I help teach on courses, classes and lead a study group.


I live with my husband and have two grown up children.


I was born  in Portsmouth though most of my life has been spent in South London. There at the age of 22  the Buddha’s teaching made its first impact upon me.  It has been my guiding light ever since. 


Since being  ordained in 1989 my main interest has been in  exploring the nature of reality  with others. In this I worked as chairman of the Croydon Buddhist centre, and was part of a team in Mexico City when  our spiritual community began to take root there.


I moved to Southampton in 2017, and am enjoying seeing the formation of the vibrant band of friends who gather at St. Mary Street.  I love the arts, culture, music and ideas, and have more guitars than are strictly necessary.

I have now taken on the role of Chair of the centre here in Southampton.


I started coming to the Southampton Sangha in 1995, hoping that Meditation would enable me to be more "grounded" in my work, and never left!


I am married with children and grandchildren, and became an Order member in 2014.


My work in Southampton inspires me,
I feel privileged  to be in the service of the Dharma in all its aspects, and to watch it enable people to change their lives for the better.


I encountered the Dharma in 2005 at the London Buddhist Centre and it made an immediate positive and profound impact upon my life. I joined the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2013 and enjoy helping to the share the Dharma with others, building Sangha. I am quite new to Hampshire having spent most of my life in suburban London / Essex and am very much enjoying the natural spaces that the area has to offer.