Learn to practice Buddhism in Southampton

The Southampton Buddhist Group is a community of people practicing Buddhism in the context of the Triratna Buddhist Tradition, which is a worldwide community of people practicing the Buddha's teachings as taught by the founder of the tradition Sangharakshita and his disciples.


The Triratna Buddhist Tradition has a complete system of training developed by Sangharakshita and senior Order members.


A little bit of history


The Triratna Buddhist Order was previously called the Western Buddhist Order and was created in 1967, the order was renamed the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2012


The Order is made up of ordained Buddhists who have a significant grounding in the Buddha's teachings having spent many years practicing buddhism and meditation and the various practices Buddhism has to offer to help us move towards Enlightenment - the spiritual arising of wisdom and compassion, love and energy to benefit all living beings


The Triratna Buddhist Community 


One year after the setting up of the the Western Buddhist Order, a community of people interested in practicing Buddhism and meditation gathered around the Order, this became known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. As the Order and the Friends expanded globally the previous name became outdated as the Tradition was now represented by thousands of Order Members and millions of Friends in many differnet countries and languages, so the names were changed to become The Triratna Buddhist Order and The Triratna Buddhist Community, the word Triratna means The 3 Jewels.




Find out more about Buddhism and the Triratna Buddhist Community at thebuddhistcentre.com


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The 3 Jewels

The 3 Jewels are the most important aspects of a Buddhists' spiritual life


The 3 jewels are :


The Buddha - The Golden jewel - representing the Buddha's Enlightenment, the ideal of enlightenment which we can all aspire towards


The Dharma - The Blue jewel - representing the Buddha's teachings, whcih lead us towards enlightenment.


The Sangha - The Red jewel - representing the Buddhist community who base there lives around practing the buddhas teachings to move towards enlightenment.


In the Triratna Buddhist Community, there are 3 levels of buddhist practitioners :


Order members - (Dharmacharis and Dhamracharinis) both male and female Buddhists who have committed their lives to practice Buddhism in the context of the Triratna Budhist Order.


Mitras - (a Sanskrit word which means Friend) people who are exploring Buddhist practice in the Triratna tradition with a provisional level of commitment.


Regulars - People who attend Buddhism and meditation classes and courses regularly.