Buddhist Study

The practice of studying Buddhism

Foundation Course

The study of Buddhism (traditionally referred to as the Dharma) is seen as an important practice which can lead you towards developing spiritual understanding, and awakening, (traditionally referred to as Insight). The emphasis is always on applying the teachings to our lives, not simply acquiring knowledge. Once you have learned the two meditation methods practised in our movement, you are welcome to join our Foundation study course which provides a thorough introduction to Buddhist teachings and practices.

The course consists of modules and we run a rolling programme throughout the year with the opportunity to join the course at the start of a new module. We will be starting the course again from the beginning as soon as we have enough folk who would like to study in some depth with a small group led by experienced order members.


All who have completed one of our introductory courses or have a background and in practising Buddhism are welcome to join the course. There is no charge upfront but we do ask for a donation each week of around £5 and commitment to attend regularly.


Please contact Dhammavijaya if you are interested. You can find details of the content here

Mitra study


Mitras who have already studied the material in the Foundation course may be able to join an ongoing mitra study group. Please  contact us  for further details.