Buddha Day

Sunday May 23rd 2021

11am - 4pm

Lakeside Country Park

We may not yet be able to celebrate Buddhist festivals at our Buddhist centre but this year, we are taking our centre outdoors to celebrate Buddha Day (Wesak), the most important festival in the Buddhist calendar. About two and a half thousand years ago, a young Indian prince left his home and family in search of answers to the mystery of birth, sickness, old age and death. After rigorously exploring traditional ascetic practices and meditation, he finally attained that transformation of consciousness known as Enlightenment. He became the Buddha, one who is fully awake to the true nature of reality and free of all that holds us back from real happiness, wisdom and compassion.

We will gather at Lakeside Country Park for a day of meditation, sharing our connection with the Buddha, stories and puja (ritual). All are welcome.

To comply with Covid regulations you will need to bring your own lunch and be in groupings of no more than six.

Lakeside Country Park

Wide Ln, Eastleigh SO50 5PD