The Mindfulness of Breathing


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Mindfulness Meditation in Southampton

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is a way of noticing what is going on in our mind, allowing us the opportunity to become clearer and more focussed. We use the breath as the focus of our attention and by gradually becoming more absorbed in the breathing process, we become calmer and our energy feels lighter and more integrated. This can be satisfying and joyful and regular practice can have a very positive effect on our lives.


It is a simple practice but can be surprisingly hard to do effectively as we quickly discover that our minds readily 'do their own thing' rather than what we want them to do. So we gently encourage our minds to stay with the breath by dividing the practice into four stages which help to progressively deepen our awareness of the breath:


You might want to start by practising this for 10-15 minutes

and then gradually extending the time for each meditation if you are able to.


Regular practice is generally more beneficial than occasional long sits.

See if you can find a time each day to do the practice and if possible,

have a special place that becomes your meditation 'refuge'.


It is best to be taught by an experienced teacher

and have the opportunity to explore the practice with others, 

although you can try out the basics of meditation by yourself,

You can learn meditation at  drop in classes 


Silently count after each out breath


  • breathe in, breathe out : 1

  • breathe in, breathe out : 2


and so on counting up to 10, then start again at 1.


Whenever your mind wanders, gently begin again 


Whenever your mind wanders, gently begin again 


Silently count before each in breath


  • 1 breathe in, breathe out  

  • 2 breathe in, breathe out 


and so on counting up to 10, then start again at 1.


Remember the focus needs to be on the breath not the counting.


Drop the counting and bring awareness to your body notice the sensations of the breath as it rises and falls in the body.


Gently bring awareness to your breath

when the mind wanders


Gather your awareness at the point where the breath enters and leaves the body, usually around the nostrils or perhaps your lips.


This sharpens the focus and can encourage a subtle deepening of your awareness of the breath.


End the practice by noticing any effect the meditation

has had