Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism

Many people are surprised to hear that ritual and devotion have an important place in Buddhism. But reliance on a rational understanding of Buddhist teachings alone often reveals how hard it can be to put them into practice. We need a language that speaks to our hearts as well as our minds so that the whole of ourselves can be involved in our spiritual practice. Recitation, chanting and making offerings are an integral part of traditional Buddhism and can have a surprisingly strong effect on our sense of commitment to spiritual growth and change.

So in Triratna we include some ritual in most of our activities and there is also the opportunity to participate in a form of devotion known as Puja which takes place on all festival days and on our Friday evenings either at our centre or on Zoom. 


Our Friday evenings are from 7-8.30pm and include meditation and a seven-fold puja. If you are familiar with the meditation practices taught in Triratna, then please contact Dhammavijaya if you would like to attend or find out more.