Sangha Morning 
         Every Saturday10am - 12pm

Our Saturday Morning Class is the ideal time to learn about meditation and Buddhism at a time when you are fresh enough to take it in.

Each morning includes guidance in meditation if required, a break for tea and chat, and a presentation on some aspect of the Buddha's life and teaching, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

These sessions are ideal for those who find it harder to reach the centre in the evenings. They have the added advantage too that people are often fresher on a weekend morning, when the concerns of the week are behind them and they can get the most from meditation and are more receptive to the teachings.


This coming Saturday (4th December), Saddhabhaya will take us through the Four Reminders, a very helpful and practical teaching to remind us of our spiritual potential and that time is short to realise it.

In brief, the Four Reminders are:


This human birth is precious, an opportunity to Awaken

Yet this body is impermanent; one day, ready or not, I shall die.

The karma I create shapes the course of my life

But whatever I do, life has inevitable difficulties, no-one can control it all.

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​All are welcome.  There is no longer any need to register, if you want to come to the centre, just arrive a little before our start time. Otherwise simply join us via the zoom link below. We're looking forward to seeing you. Remember, we can be just a click of a button away so no difficult journeys wherever you are!

We would also like to invite you to send us questions electronically each week. This is a new 'Ask a Buddhist' initiative that we are launching. Questions can be sent via Facebook messenger or by email to