Buddhism and Meditation in Southampton

Welcome to the Southampton Triratna Buddhist Centre. We have turned a derelict old pub in St. Mary's into a beautiful centre for exploring the timeless Buddhist practices of meditation, mindfulness and emotional positivity. The Triratna Buddhist Community is an international Buddhist movement which draws from all the more traditional branches of Buddhism, to provide tools that are contemporary and relevant for those seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.

Drop-in classes at the Centre this week

Sangha Day festival

Sunday November 10th.10am - 4pm
Our annual Festival Day celebrating the transcendental jewel of Spiritual Community. 

The day will be devoted to a deeper enactment of a ritual known as the Sevenfold Puja, an adaptation of an ancient text which imaginatively takes us through an unfolding of the spiritual aspiration towards Enlightenment. Many sangha members are contributing their input to a fuller evocation of the puja’s 7 spiritual moods. The day will include  mitra reaffirmation ceremonies.

All are welcome to come to some or all of the day and please feel free to bring some vegan lunch to share.

Monday: Hatha Yoga with Akash.

6.15 for beginners or 7.30 for those with more experience.


Thursday is our ​'Change your Mind' meditation evening. We have been looking at the importance of preparing for meditation and this coming Thursday we will explore helpful steps we can take at the start of a period of meditation to 'tune in' to how we are and set our intention.

All are welcome whether you are a complete newcomer or an experienced meditator.

Doors open from 7.15 for a 7.30pm start and we aim to end at 9.30pm with a break in the middle for tea and biscuits.


Lunchtime meditation on Thursdays and Fridays 1.15-2.00pm.

Our six week Going Deeper course will start on Tuesday 12th November. If you have some experience of meditation and Buddhism, this is a great way to deepen your practice and find out more about the ancient but very relevant wisdom of Buddhist teachings

Bookings are now open for our next Introduction to meditation and Buddhism course starting on Tuesday 14th January. A perfect way to start the new year!

 Change your Mind! is our Thursday evening drop-in class focusing on the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditations with their potential to transform our minds and lives. Suitable for both newcomers and more experienced meditators.

Please see also our programme of monthly activities

Sangha Day: Sunday November 10th.10am - 4pm
Our annual Festival Day celebrating the transcendental jewel of Spiritual Community


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"Cherish the Doctrine. 

Live United. Radiate Love."

Dhardo Rinpoche

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