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73 St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1NW

Buddhism and Meditation in Southampton

Welcome to the Southampton Triratna Buddhist Centre. We have turned a derelict pub in St. Mary's into a beautiful centre for exploring the timeless Buddhist practices of meditation, mindfulness and emotional positivity. The Triratna Buddhist Community is an international Buddhist movement which draws from all the more traditional branches of Buddhism, to provide tools that are contemporary and relevant for those seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. We are a small friendly group here in Southampton and welcome both newcomers and those with some experience of meditation and Buddhism.

What's on while our centre is closed?


Sadly, because of Government restrictions, our centre has physically had to close again. However, there is still plenty to enjoy and draw spiritual nourishment from in these difficult times through our Zoom links. Please see below for how to access our various activities online.

All our activities are running on a donation basis. For us to survive and flourish in these difficult times, we need your help. Please consider giving a donation by clicking on the bowl:



This Week at our virtual centre

Saturday Sangha morning  10am - 12pm   This is open to all and is an excellent opportunity to meditate with others and learn more about Buddhism in a friendly and supportive group.

This Autumn, we are exploring what it means to be part of a sangha (a community of Buddhists) and this coming Saturday (5th December), Sudarshini will continue our exploration of the Karaniya Metta sutta, a root text from the Buddha on metta (universal loving kindness) looking at how we need to practise metta if we wish to grow towards the freedom of heart and mind that is Enlightenment.


​We would also like to invite you to send us questions electronically each week. This is a new 'Ask a Buddhist' initiative that we are launching. Questions can be sent via Facebook messenger or by email to

Please join us for the sangha morning via this link. We're looking forward to seeing you. Remember, we are just a click of a button away so no difficult journeys wherever you are!

Puja and meditation every Friday evening for those familiar with these practices. Please contact Dhammavijaya f you would like to attend this.

Wednesday study groups take place from 7pm-9pm. If you are not yet involved but would but would like to join a  foundation study course online, then please email

"Cherish the Doctrine. 

Live United. Radiate Love."

Dhardo Rinpoche

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