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Meet the Triratna Buddhist community

Find out about Triratna

Urgyen Sangharakshita Trust

Listen to talks and classes

Free Buddhist Audio archive

  • Guided meditations, from beginners to advanced

  • Hundreds of talks and discussions

Read about Buddhism

Windhorse Publications

  • Meditation and mindfulness guides

  • Books on all aspects of Buddhism

Try a Buddhist retreat

Rivendell Buddhist Retreat Centre

  • Our nearest Triratna retreat centre

  • Retreats for all levels, beginners to advanced

Going on Retreat

  • Info about all of Triratna’s UK retreat centres

  • Browse the programme and book online

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Your generosity keeps us going

Most of our events run on a donation basis.


The more you give, the more we can spread the Buddha’s teaching.


Ask for a Gift Aid form to make your gift go further.

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